Formed in 1978, Cavendish has gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the wholesale supply of food and drink products to most of the major cruise and ferry lines, merchant fleets, as well as to the military and overseas retail customers. We supply ambient, chilled, frozen and bonded foods as well as soft & alcoholic duty-free beverages, consumables, hotel stores.

Expertise in logistics and procedures

Our expertise in this area sees us working closely with our customers to plan and deliver complex orders at specified times, with clients relying on the experience of our staff to process orders and manage the fine detail of procuring and delivering their goods, on time and in full.. We offer a single point of purchase for a full range of products, simplifying invoicing, management and delivery, with our customers enjoying the benefit of the purchasing power of a company that already handles so much of the UK’s wholesale and travel retail needs.

Bonded and accredited

Cavendish depots have duty-free bond facilities, are NSF accredited to the highest standard, and are fully compliant with HACCP and ISPS procedures. Our in-house EHO ensures all product is stored and supplied to the very highest standards.

Cavendish Ships Stores has a portfolio of over 1000 suppliers allowing us to offer a one stop shop solution to all of your supply needs.



As a reputable wholesaler, our team have a large amount of experience in procuring whatever product it is that your organisation may need.

Whether you are looking for meat, poultry, dairy, dry or ambient products, Cavendish will go directly to the source and procure and distribute the product on your behalf.

We have direct relationships with numerous manufacturers which allows us to deliver all of your requirements at an extremely competitive price.

Ships Supplies

Delivering the reliable logistical support demanded by world-leading cruise lines, ferry operators and shipping companies, Cavendish Ships Stores has an unrivalled reputation for service excellence.

Sourcing the high quality food, bonded goods, consumables and other essential items for every voyage, often under intense time pressure, Cavendish supplies in excess of 3,000 product lines and has the expertise, contacts and commercial strength to deliver at the right price, on time, every time – including those special touches that distinguish the most prestigious cruise lines.

Based on the south coast of England, near the UK’s busiest cruise and ferry ports, Cavendish is ideally placed to respond rapidly to customer needs, a capability which extends to include the whole of the UK and beyond. We work closely with our clients, suggesting, advising on and sourcing new products where required, and we have considerable expertise in global customs regulations together with the import/export of duty free goods.


Due to overwhelming demand from our customers, Cavendish can offer superb deals on certain food & beverage items for wholesale customers, both in the UK and globally.

This fast growing department holds several export agencies and preferred supplier route to market opportunities, based on our enviable reputation gained over 45 years of successful business. We are also the preferred route to market for many UK craft beer companies.

Cavendish can cater for UK opportunities, providing cost and supply benefits to independent retailers in the home food and drink markets.


At Cavendish we are proud of our role both within the Travel Retail industry and the wider food and beverage community such as military and government operations. We actively encourage local suppliers to promote their products into the shipping, travel retail, export and land based food and beverage markets. We also annually support the Business South Local Produce Show in Southampton.

As a company that regularly holds new product development days, and which actively works with many different market sectors to develop new offerings, we are proud to have been instrumental in bringing together local producers and a wide selection of consumers to facilitate the integration of new product lines within their restaurants, food outlets and bars.



It’s fundamental.

Right for the environment = expected by customers = obligation for Cavendish. This is a global agenda items and one of our priority must dos.

Responsible Sourcing:

We verify that our product sourcing is ethical, environmentally sustainable and socially conscious.


All of our products have the suppliers’ full technical support, ensuring nutritional and and traceable compliance.

Local Producs

Locally sourced products ensure superb quality and fewer food miles.

Energy efficient operations

Modern energy efficient buildings are our focus. Constantly updating our building and vehicle infrastructure to improve our community and achieve our sustainability goals.


Government & Military

Our Values