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Cavendish Ships Stores Ltd has supplied the majority of cruise and ferry lines in Southampton and Dover for nearly 40 years.

Formed in 1978, Cavendish has gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the supply of Ships Stores and other food and drink products to many of the major cruise and ferry lines and merchant fleets, as well as to the military, NAAFI, and overseas retail customers. We supply ambient, chilled, frozen and bonded foods as well as soft & alcoholic duty-free beverages, consumables, hotel stores, ‘deck & engine’, technical and general chandlery items.

Expertise in logistics and procedures

Our expertise in this area sees us working closely with our customers to plan and deliver complex orders dockside at specified times, with clients relying on the experience of our staff to process orders and manage the fine detail of port and customs procedures. We offer a single point of purchase for a full range of products, simplifying invoicing, management and dockside delivery, with our customers enjoying the benefit of the purchasing power of a company that already handles so much of the UK’s shipping and travel retail needs.

Bonded and accredited

Cavendish depots have duty-free bond facilities, are NSF accredited to the highest standard, and are fully compliant with HACCP and ISPS procedures. Our in-house EHO ensures all product is stored and supplied to the very highest standards.

Cavendish Ships Stores is a sister company to James Burden Ltd, wholesale supplier of meat, poultry and game, based in Smithfield Market, London, and is part of The Burden Group of companies.

Move to new site significantly increases capacity

We are pleased to announce our move to new premises at Kites Croft, Segensworth, Fareham; an investment that underlines our commitment to the fast-expanding UK and  international cruise industry.

This new bonded facility affords us direct access to the M27 and Southampton port, doubles the size of the previous operation, whilst tripling the warehousing pallet capacity to 3000 units and dramatically increasing the Chilled and Freezer capacities.